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Polypharmacology is the future of drug discovery. Single-Agent Polypharmacology is the future of medicinal chemistry.


Our strategy is to develop single agent treatment modalities that effectively shut-down multiple promoters of disease. We call this approach Single-Agent Polypharmacology or SAP. Our flagship project has produced a dual targeted kinase inhibitor for treatment of rare cancers. Although there are several clinically utilized multi-kinase inhibitors, their activity profiles are not optimized, resulting in unintended off-target effects. We have identified the first balanced, dual inhibitor, strategically engineered to both starve and kill malignant tumor growth.

Low-hanging drug targets have been heavily exploited and potential for target breakthroughs is rare. To excel in an inundated market, we generate 'smart-drugs' that are capable of shutting down multiple pathways that promote human disease. Instead of drug-repurposing, we have established the concept of 'target-repurposing'. We identify drug targets that display cooperation in a variety of disease states. We then generate highly advanced candidates to shut down these targets in a balanced fashion. The technique we employ is called SynMedChem, which is derived from synergistic medicinal chemistry.


We have implemented the Synactix strategy for a variety of high-value, biologically validated targets. We can drug multiple targets simultaneously with a single agent to achieve synergistic efficacy. This is important because our agents can be better at treating the disease with significantly less toxicity. The end result is a better tolerated therapeutic that is more effective at treating the patient in need by addressing both tumor drivers and supporting oncogenic pathways.

Synactix has a unique set of drug candidates spanning many phases of the drug discovery value chain. As an early stage biotechnology company, Synactix has several agents in the discovery and pre-clinical stages and are actively seeking partnerships to accelerate clinical development. For more information, please contact us at or call us at 1-800-366-1752.

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