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Our strategy is to develop single-agent treatment modalities that effectively shut down multiple promoters of disease. These treatment modalities will have the same efficacy as treating with multiple drugs, however, smarter design minimizes off target effects and balances the effect of treatment to focus in on disease driving mechanisms.

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We can drug multiple targets simultaneously with a single agent to achieve synergistic efficacy.

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Win the battle and the war Polypharmacology is the future of modern medicine. Low-hanging drug targets have been heavily exploited and potential for target breakthroughs is rare. To excel in a competitive market, Synactix uses a propriety technology to generate 'smart-drugs' that are capable of shutting down multiple pathways of human disease. Instead of drug-repurposing, Synactix has established the concept of 'target- repurposing'. Synactix identifies drug targets that display pathway cooperation in a variety of disease states. Synactix then engineers highly advanced, single-agent drug candidates to shut down these targets in a balanced fashion.
Synactix is innovating the future of precision medicine.

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